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Conec2 Telecommunications

Since 2003, Corporate Choice has aimed to deliver to its customers the best balance between Price, Quality and Service levels from the leading suppliers in the market.

Over time, we have proudly recommended companies such as:

  • Optus
  • AGL
  • Primus
  • Power Direct
  • People Telecom
  • 3 Mobile
  • Samsung Business Systems

This is just to mention a few.

As of 2011, Corporate Choice is proud to announce a joint venture with Conec2 Telecommunications. This will now enable us to give you the best prices we have ever achieved without compromising on quality or service. Due to the unique sister company relationship Corporate Choice has developed with Conec2, our managers have expanded influence over pricing and service levels, which means a better deal for you.

Conec2 Telecommunications is a Boutique Phone Company that is well established in the Australian small business market. This company does not offer residential telecoms services, which means that all its resources are focused on your business.

We at Corporate Choice are excited to be able to add yet another quality supplier to our repertoire and look forward to introducing Conec2 to those of our customers who will benefit from this new relationship. Conec2 offers individual account management meaning that you, the customer, have somebody within the company looking after your best interests. The key point here is that Conec2 is a telecommunications company dedicated to Australian small business.

To find out more about Conec2 Telecommunications and whether its products will benefit your business, please call one of our landline experts on 1300 88 36 40 or fill out our enquiry form here

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